RED ROOSTER compressed air hoists and winches offer a wide selection for industrial and maritime use. All Red Rooster hoists and winches comply with ATEX 94/9/EC directive and may be used in areas and surroundings with danger of fire or explosion due to gases, chemicals or dust. Red Rooster hoists and winches operate mechanically with compressed air hence causing no sparks unlike electric hoists.

Red Rooster hoists and winches have been used and developed for 25 years and they are safe, easy to use and they operate reliably even in difficult circumstances.


  • WLLs 0,25 - 50,0 t
  • no sparks
  • strong molded steel case
  • stepless speed control
  • safe automatic brake, load cannot fall with loss of pressure
  • low noise level (80 dB)
  • low consumption of air
  • operational pressure for all products 4,5 - 6 bar (7 bar max.)
  • endures demanding circumstances
  • operating temperature -10 - (+)70 °C, also -20 °C possible to actualize
  • spare parts easy and fast to acquire
  • wide selection of accessories, incl. radio-operated remote control


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