Electric pallet truck

Easy-to-use, lightweight, durable and compact size electric pallet truck. Equipped with electric lifting and lowering functions. Due to the stepless driving motor and small turning radius (1353 mm), the pallet truck is easy to use in narrow spaces and corridors. Max travelling speed 4-5 km/h depending of load. Hill climbing ability, empty 20% and loaded 6%. 10 Ah lithium battery ensures 3 hours of continuous operating time depending on the load. Separate charger enables charging of an additional battery during the use of the electric pallet truck. Charging time of the battery is 5 hours. Carbon brushless motor ensures carefree use and fast maintenance.

Product code of extra battery (fits both models): HAVA1500ELECAKKU
Product code of charger (2 Ah) (fits both models): HAVA1500ELECLATURI

Content of the delivery:
- Electric pallet truck
- 1 pcs battery 48V / 10 Ah
- 1 pcs charger 2 Ah

  • Temperature range: -10°C - (+)55°C
  • Note: Different from the picture, there are double bogey wheels in front of the forks

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