Manual turntables

Strong construction low-profile turntable with 1815 kg working load. The turntable can be used to increase work efficiency and ergonomics, allowing the user to e.g. stay in place when handling the product. Perfect for the assembly industry, paint shops, repair shops, product presentations, etc. The turntable is equipped with ball bearings and one tapered roller bearing, which guarantee easy and light rotation of the table even with a heavier load. Can be bolted to the floor using four fixing points. (fastening bolts are supplied) There are two different sizes: 61 cm and 101 cm. 

Amounts and types of bearings:
: ball & tapered roller bearings (12+1)
KAAPO101: ball & tapered roller bearings (24+1)

  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Painted, blue


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