Haklift Oy

Asessorinkatu 3-7
FI-20780 Kaarina

☎ +358 2 511 5511
Open mo-fri 08-16



Dear customers, store is open on Asessorinkatu. The store is located on the 2nd floor of the office, accessed through the main door.

Pre-orders can be picked up from door 7.

Open Mon-Fri 8 am - 4 pm.

Haklift Oy, Branch Bulgaria

Bulgaria avenue (Pazardzishko shose) 5th km.
4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Tel +359 32 399 308

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Sales / office

Esa Söderbacka

Sales / store

Harri Vasama

Sales, Key account manager

Hanna Lujala

Sales, Account manager

Satu Tuominen

Sales, Account manager

Johanna Tuominen

Customer Service Manager

Jussi Tienaho

Managing director


Jorma Laine

Sales area: Finland

Matti Mustonen

Sales area: Finland

Jukka Hentunen

Sales area: Uusimaa, Kanta-Häme

Janne Pihlainen

Sales area: Middle-Finland

Ville Korjus

Sales area: Pirkanmaa

Petri Peipponen

Sales area: South West Finland

Export sales

Vaido Rauniste

East Europe

Purchase and quality

Jami Hakala

Purchasing and Quality manager

Tomas Kumlander

Purchase and quality


Pauliina Serguskin

Accounting Specialist / Financial Department

Henna Helkiö-Lahti

Business Controller

Anette Paijula

Accounting Specialist / Financial Department

Maternity leave

Warehouse & repair shop

Henri Lempiäinen

Warehouse manager

Erik Kurki

Dispatch of goods

Jarmo Helenius

Reception of goods

Joni Papinoja

Repair shop