New Gebuwin winches and hoists

Haklift launched new Gebuwin winches for lifting and moving

Our new product family includes electric winches, traditional winches, drill winches, and portable davit cranes.

Gebuwin is a Dutch manufacturer known for its high-quality and durable products. Haklift Oy is the official importer of Gebuwin in Finland.

Gebuwin electric winches are suitable for lifting and pulling. The winches are available in different capacities and speeds, and they are easy to use and maintain and can be attached to various platforms.

Traditional manual winches are reliable solutions for smaller as well as larger lifting and moving tasks.

Battery drill winches are fast and easy to use, and they can be used versatilely in different situations with a drill machine.

Portable Davit cranes are handy and compact in size, and they can be installed on various surfaces using anchor points.

Explore the products and ask for a quote and more information from our sales.

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