Hand operated suction lifters

Suction lifter for lifting, moving and installing glass and plates with smooth surface. Facilitates e.g. in installing the windshield, lifting door into place and moving smooth-surfaced plates and tiles. The suction cups are easy and quick to release from the object.

Four different suction lifter models:

IKT1P: with one suction cup / vacuum pump / pressure gauge / additional pumping possible at any moment / delivered in a carrying briefcase
IKT1: with one suction cup / locking with handle
IKT2: two suction cups / locking with levers (2 pcs).
IKT3: three suction cups / locking with levers (3 pcs).
  • Material: Frame: Nylon (IKT1P) / aluminum (IKT1-3). Rubber material: natural rubber (IKT1P) / Nitrile (IKT1-3)


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