load labels

Aluminium blank load plates for chain hoist assemblies. Available for both grade 80 and grade 100. Load plates can be attached to the chain hoist assembly with a ring or wire rope. The wire is permanently locked once the ends are connected and cannot be opened afterwards.

80-grade plates

  • 1-leg | 80-grade | product code: KK1BLA
  • 2-4-legs | 80-grade | product code: KKMBLA

100-grade plates

  • 1-leg | 100-grade | product code: KK110BLA
  • 2-4-legs | 100-grade | product code: KKM10BLA

Mounting accessories

  • Ring| product code: KKRENG
  • Wire rope | product code: KKVAIJ

  • Note: Haklift fills in the information on the load plates for the products it has manufactured


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