Inspection of chain, chain slings and components

Inspection of Lifting equipment must be carried out annually. The employer is responsible for the inspection of the lifting equipment used in hoisting work to be properly checked and comply with the provisions.

We carry out annual inspections and maintenance services for our customer's lifting equipment every day.

Government Decree 403/2008 At work, the safe use of machinery and tools and inspection obligate that the work equipment must be kept safe throughout the tools lifecycle.

The key to securing the safety is regular maintenance.

The definition of tools cover all lifting equipment:

  • E.g. pulleys, clamps, lifting magnets
  • Lifting equipment combinations
  • Movable lifting equipment(e.g. shackles and lifting points)



  • Inventory of products and maintenance of product information in our inspection system

  • Reminders under the audit program automatically to the customer

  • The inspection of lifting equipment is done according to the planned schedule, which ensures working as smoothly as possible.

  • Our service repairs the flaws found during the inspection - this way the equipment will always be in a similar operating condition as a new one.
  • Our inspection service covers all lifting equipment available on the market

Inspection and maintenance work outsourcing benefits:

  • The products are always inspected and repaired by a professional
  • Annual Inspections ensure the products lawfulness, safety and long service life
  • Up to date testing reports, annual markings and product information upkeep

Ask for a quote from our inspection service by adding the product in the table to the quote cart, as well as telling which products you want inspections for (in the message field of the quote cart), thank you.


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