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Long-term safety and sustainability

Every day, our products and Lifting KnowHow secure thousands of lifting operations in a wide spread of industries. We put our pride in offering safe products and services to meet the customers´ quality expectations and to improve their sustainability performance. During the past 30 years, our Experts have solved thousands of situations regarding lifting and lashing, providing answers to our clients' questions arising in these situations. We choose practical, up-to-date and legislation-sensitive resolutions and products for each occasion, and do provide you with further advice for finding the most cost efficient lifting solutions.

Safe products that last

With our Lifting KnowHow, we guide our customers to choose the most suitable product for the application. The customers can feel comfortable that they are offered safe products with the right level of quality, enabling smooth and secure operations.

We also see our responsibility in extending the products lifetimes and therefore we offer a wide range of services. As an example, we assist customers to make a correct judgement if it's time to exchange the products or not – both in terms of safety and sustainability.

Sustainable operations making chainslings

From linear to circular

By providing more sustainable offers, and together with our customers exploring new alternative business models, we can contribute to a more efficient use of resources as well as enable cost reductions.

We continuously seek partnerships leading to product and service innovations with a reduced environmental footprint. The long-term target is to only put products on the market that are possible to reuse or recycle and thereby contribute to a circular material stream. Of course, without sacrificing on neither quality nor safety.

Harness partly made from recycled bottles

Sustainable supply chain

By teaming up with suppliers who share our values and meet our sustainability standards, we make sure all links in the chain share the same goals, a sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable operations

We strive to achieve sustainable operations through resource efficiency and highly engaged employees.