Pallet truck semi electric scissor lift 1000 kg

The Pallet truck with scissor lif is equipped with an electric lifting motor. The platform can be raised to a height of 800 mm. The scissor pallet truck is convenient for e.g. in the assembly industry, dispatch centers, warehouses and other similar tasks and thanks to the fast lifting saves a lot of time compared to a similar manual scissor lifter. The scissor pallet truck is also ergonomic to use. Equipped with quiet PU wheels and a durable and sturdy frame. Lifting with the button on the handle and lowering with the handle like a traditional pallet truck. When the forks have been raised to the upper position, the pallet truck remains in place on the support legs, and therefore cannot move in any direction.

The delivery includes a 12V 60Ah maintenance free battery and an integrated charger.
  • Маркировка: CE - маркировка, UKCA-marked


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