Винтов захват за профили, Tiger

The Tiger CSS safety screw cam clamp with double eye anchor points & safety torque feature is suitable for many applications. This screw cam clamp is for all-purpose uses, such as lifting, lateral pulling and turning over materials. Adequacy of tightening can be visually confirmed by the visual torque safety feature.

  • Spherical universal designed screw cam provides an extra powerful clamping force on a workpiece even when vibrations occur during operation.
  • Cam holder and collar have phosphorescent (glow-in-the dark) paint for easy recognition of adequate torque tightening.
  • No tools required – integrated adjusting screw spindle

Each unit comes fully certified with a test certificate or an EC Declaration of Conformity stating compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

  • Материал: Стомана
  • Маркировка: CE - маркировка
  • Покритие: Боя фосфоресцираща (светеща на тъмно)
  • Предупреждение: Да не се прилага термична обработка
  • Коефицент на безопасност: 4:1


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