Easy and rapid way to increase the length of the forklift´s forks. Extremely strong and solid structure.


  • Material: Steel
  • Marking: CE-marked
  • Finish: Painted, black
  • Note: The original forks of the forklift must be at least 60 % of the length of the extension forks!
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Part Code Length
Fork max size mm
TRUJA401001800 1,800 40x100
TRUJA401002000 2,000 40X100
TRUJA401002200 2,200 40X100
TRUJA451201800 1,800 45X120
TRUJA451202000 2,000 45X120
TRUJA501252200 2,200 50X125
TRUJA501252400 2,400 50X125
TRUJA501501800 1,800 50X150
TRUJA501502000 2,000 50X150
TRUJA601502200 2,200 60X150