Easy-to-use, lightweight, durable and compact size electric pallet truck. Equipped with electric lifting and manual lowering functions. Due to the stepless driving motor and small turning radius, the pallet truck is easy to use in narrow spaces and corridors. 20 Ah lithium battery ensures 3-6 hours of continuous operating time depending on the load. Separate charger enables charging of an additional battery during the use of the electric pallet truck, which makes it possible to use the device continuously the necessary time. Charging time of the battery is only 3 hours and the interchange can be executed in 10 seconds. Carbon brushless motor ensures carefree use and fast maintenance. 

Product code of extra battery: HAVA1200ELEAKKU

Content of the delivery:
- Electric pallet truck
- 1 pcs battery 48V / 20 Ah
- 1 pcs charger




  • Material: Steel
  • Marking: CE-marked
  • Temperature range: -10 - (+)40 °C
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    Part Code WLL
    Lifting height max
    Width of forks
    Lenght of forks
    Minimum height of fork
    Lifting motor Output (kW) Type of battery Weight
    HAVA1200ELE 1,2 110 550 1 150 80 0,6 0,8 Litium 48V / 20 Ah 134
    HAVA1200ELEAKKU Litium 48V / 20 Ah


    Load center distance C (mm) 600
    Fork height h13(mm) 80
    Axle distance Y(mm) 1269
    Wheels   PU
    Wheel diameter front Ø (mm) 250
    Wheel diameter rear Ø (mm) 80
    Pushing handle min. and max. heights h14 (mm) 635/1200
    Overall length l1 (mm) 1651
    Frame length before forks l2 (mm) 501
    Overall width b1 (mm) 550
    Fork dimensions s/e/l (mm) 45/160/1150
    Fork width b5 (mm) 550
    Fork distance from the floor h13 (mm) 35
    Turning radius mm 1452
    Speed, laden / unladen Km/h 4 / 4.5
    Max. slope angle laden / unladen % 3 / 8
    Parking brake   Electronic
    Noise level dB 70


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