Midgrab MIG

Product Features:

  • Instant mounting and placement on any part of the chain.
  • Shortening in both chain directions; upside down.
  • Designed to prevent accidental chain exit.
  • Can rest on the chain bone when shortening is not necessary.
  • The LC version offers secure mounting with locking kits on any desired part of the chain with a chain direction open for shortening.
  • CC version offers close-open function in both chain directions for secure chain storage.
  • Material: Quenched and tempered alloy steel.
  • Marking: Code and grade.
  • Finish: Painted.
  • Note: The MIG must be used with at least one of the locking device.
  • Warning: Not to be heat treated.
  • Safety factor: 4:1
  • Grade: 10


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