Absorpole desiccant for containers

Absorpole is designed for sea containers to remove moisture. The power of the dryer is based on the ability of calcium chloride to effectively remove moisture from the air. Absorpole is easy to use and is designed to work with any type of cargo on long journeys. There must be only 5 cm of empty space between the dryer and the product so that the dryer works as planned, so it is well suited also for tightly packed containers. Absorpolen protective shell is strong impactresistant plastic. Free from DMF and complies with RoHS and REACH directives.

How Absorpole works

Absorpole is activated once it is pulled out of its container. The calcium chloride, at the top of the pole, immediately starts to absorb moisture from the surrounding air.
The desiccant material gradually dissolves into brine which is captured in a collector. Once captured, the moisture will not re-evaporate into the air.


The absorption characteristics of calcium chloride provide Absorpole with a superior absorption capacity, even at low humidity levels, and the ability to effectively protect cargo throughout the entire voyage.

Typical applications

  • Capital products
  • Textiles and leather
  • Wood and paper products
  • Plastics, glass and metals
  • Electronics and machinery
  • Automotive parts


Units needed

for 20-ft container:

  • for dry goods 6-8 poles
  • for moist goods 8-10 poles

for 40-ft container:

  • for dry goods 10-12 poles
  • for moist goods 12-14 poles

This is only a general dimensioning recommendation. The quantity of required poles is depending on the shipment/storage time, climate/temperature conditions and the type of cargo protected.


packed: 640 x 116 x 35 mm
activated: 1180 x 116 x 35 mm


  • Temperature range: -20 - (+) 80°C


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