Anti-slip mats

Available in rolls or pieces. Protective anti-slip mat for transported goods. Its high coefficient of sliding friction - documented in testing according to VDI 2700 Sheet 14 (Draft) – provides outstanding anti-slip performance. Utilized widely in commercial transport applications, mats are also used successfully as intermediate layer pads in the packaging industry.

Recycled rubber crumbs bonded with Polyurethane.

Anti-slip mats are generally usable several times before they need to be replaced due to discard criteria.

  • fire resistance: Efl (B2) (EN 13501-1)
  • coefficient of Sliding friction: min.µ=  0,8
  • elongation at break: min. 60% (DIN EN ISO 1798)
  • contact surfaces: wooden pallet, anti-slip textured lorry flooring (VDI 2700 Sheet 14)
  • pressure behavior: no plastic deformation after 24 hours strain. Ballast: grid box 1000 kg (VDI 2700 Sheet 15)
  • resistance: conditionally resistant to acids and bases
  • UV-Resistance: resistant to DIN EN 1297 and DIN EN ISO 3386-2
  • Material: Recyclable rubber / polyurethane
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: -30 °C - (+)100 °C
  • Finish: Color gray with grain texturing
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Note: Sold in full rolls


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