Aircraft tracks

Aircraft tracks are designed specifically for vans and trucks and they can be mounted both on the wall and the floor. High grade aluminum alloy has been used as a manufacturing material, which guarantees the light weight and strong structure of the product. Aircraft tracks can be installed onto the floor or wall of the transport space, either surface mounted or recessed. Tracks have an open structure making them easier to keep clean.

The tracks are also available as steel-structured which are less  expensive compared to aluminum tracks and steel tracks can be  attached to the transport space by welding. Steel tracks have the same 25 mm pitch as the aluminum tracks.

When using aircraft tracks and lashing strap end fittings (p. 11-26) the requirements of ISO 27955/27956 and DIN 75410 are fulfilled. By using a lashing system’s end fitting with a fourfold attachment the requirements of EN 12640 are fulfilled. 

If the track is attached with M5 10.9 screws with 75 mm 
intervals the following working loads are achieved:

Single attachment 400 daN
Double attachment 500 daN
Fourfold attachment 800 daN

If the track is attached with M6 10.9 screws with 75 mm
intervals the following working loads are achieved:

Single attachment 500 daN
Double attachment 1000 daN
Fourfold attachment 2000 daN


  • Features: Gap 25 mm (EPKISKO45,5 -> 25,4 mm)
  • Material: Aluminum | EPK2400 ja EPK3000 -> Steel
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12195-2


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