Spring lashings

Spring lashing systems can be used to prevent the load from moving, slipping or tipping in one direction (usually forward or backward). In spring lashing, the lashing system leaves from a lashing point on one side of the vehicle, runs behind or from the front of the cargo and is attached to a lashing point on the other side of the vehicle that is opposite or nearly opposite to the first lashing point.

Spring lashing is well suited for cargo that is as wide as possible, as well as for low cargo, because then the angle between the loading platform and the lashing is small and efficient at the same time.

Spring lashing systems can also be made to fully meet customer's specifications. Contact our sales, and we can customise a spring lashing system to suit your needs.”


  • Features: Length of the spring is 4,5 m (included in 9,5 meters)
  • Material: Webbing 100% polyester / metal parts Cr6+ free
  • Note: The product contains only the spring system without the ratchet. When ordering, indicate the need for the ratchet.
  • Warning: The angle between the floor and the tie-down must not exceed 45°


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