Accuracy of the display unit is 0,5 kg (Stainless model 1 kg) with large liquid crystal display with tare. Equipped with four sensors allowing weighing of individual packages as well. Automatic power off function saves the battery. 210° turning angle enables easy moving and the maintenance-free hydraulics unit ensures care-free use. Manufactured according to RoHS directive

210° turning angle enables
easy moving and maintenance-free hydraulic unit ensures carefree use.

Auxiliary wheels in front of and behind the bogies help getting
under the pallets and speed up the work.

Three models:

HAVA2000V: Rechargeable battery with separated charger
HAVA2000VE: Battery model, 3 pcs AA (no charger included)
HAVA2000RV: Stainless steel, rechargeable battery with separated charger


Haklift has Finland's largest selection of hand pallet trucks of different types directly from stock.


  • Features: HAVA2000RV display unit IP5X
  • Marking: CE-marked

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