Electrical winch for professional use. Equipped with steel wire rope, rotating latch hook and with automatic brake.
  • Features: Electric cable length 0,5m. Remote control cable 2 m (2000 kg 1,5/10m)
  • Marking: CE-marked
  • Note: ED% 40
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Part Code Dimensions
Operation voltage (V) Lifting/Pulling Capacity kg Motor
Hoisting speed
Wire rope dia x m Weight
VAVINTH300EL 600x210x270 230V 300 0.74 15 7mm x 30m 39
VAVINTH500EL 710x310x285 380V 500 1.47 21 8mm x 45m 76
VAVINTH1000EL 1120x385x340 380V 1,000 2.2 12 10mm x 45m 145
VAVINTH2000EL 1290x590x520 380V 2,000 3.67 12 12mm x 70m 392

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