Winch Pulley-Man

Lifting or hauling winch. Capacity: 300 kg single line or 600 kg double line. Easy installation and dismantling, compact and light weight at 3.5kg. 12 m supplied working length - this can be increase considerably.

Powered by reverable hand drill or screwdriver. Horizontal/Vertical/Slant working conditions by fixed mainbody or fixed wire hook method. Trouble-free automatic holding - brake function (patented gear-reducer). Can do many jobs in any 360 rotating direction. Supplied with 12 m of galvanized steel rope 4.76 mm, 7x19+WSC. Self-locking gear. Other lengths also available, ask more about our sales.

In the 600 kg model, a winch will be equipped with extra pulley wheel. If you want 600 kg model please select PM300 + PM600 (extra pulley).

Product code explanations:

PM300: Entire winch 300 kg
PM600: Just a pulley that gives the winch a load of WLL 600 kg
TEK47515K: Spare part steel wire 15 m, loop at one end (no hook)
TEK47520K: Spare part steel wire 20 m, loop at one end (no hook)
PM300KOUKKU: Spare part hook, fits the wire and top of the winch


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