Battery Drill Winch DW1000

The worm gear winch can be operated both manually and with a cordless drill. A user-friendly winch and often used as a back-up system. If there is a power failure and you want to move a heavy load quickly and effectively, the use of a battery-powered drill offers a solution. The winch is equipped with automatic grease lubrication and a special flexible adaptor to absorb the vibrations of the drilling machine and keep the winch in good condition.
  • load pressure brake with double ratchet system for safe stable hold of the load in any position
  • cable outlet upwards, downwards or at rear
  • protection classification IP54
  • automatic grease system for the worm gearing
  • adjustable crank
  • drill and hand operated
  • suitable for wall and (optional) floor mounting
  • 1 layer of paint

  • zinc-plated finish 6 - 8 micron (EV)
  • 2 layers of paint (2L)
  • grooved drum (GD)
  • 2 drum compartment (2D) or multiple up to 8 (XD)
  • suitable for floor mounting (FM)
  • Features: Max. input rotation speed drill 650 rpm
  • Material: Steel
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Finish: Painted, grey
  • Standard: EN 13157
  • Note: Steel wire ropes must be ordered separately
  • Safety factor: 4:1


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