Wire Rope Hoist Lug-All

Very high quality wire rope hoist made in USA. Hoists are perfect for lifting, lowering, pulling, tightening, stretching and bending. The body of the hoist is made of durable aluminium making it easy and light to handle. Hoists can be used with single or double wire. With double wire a higher WLL can be achieved and with single wire a longer pulling/lifting distance. Every hoist has a lever equipped with overload protection. Hoists have a feature which allows a very accurate load releasing/lowering - only one cog at a time.


  • lightweight and small
  • works in every position
  • open, self-cleaning structure
  • simple to maintain and repair
  • stainless alloy-aluminium structure
  • high quality steel wire rope
  • non-slip double stoppers
  • duration lubricated bearings
  • lever equipped with overload protection
  • handles are available as spare parts
  • Material: Stainless alloy-aluminum
  • Marking: CE-marked
  • Temperature range: -10 – (+)50 °C


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