Haklift Company Sewer's Shop enables flexibility and allows us to provide custom-made products for our customers, quickly and precisely. We will provide the most suitable solution for each objective, according to client's needs.

We are also in business of providing wide variety of different types of slings with different lengths, up to 30 t of load capacity, quickly and precisely. For example, we do provide slings with specially customized width, for paper machine rolls and other heavy products. Excellent choices are provided also for objectives and targets where a smallest possible level of coat pressure is needed, per lifted object.

Haklift own sewing room



Based on their long experience, our salesmen will assist each or our clients to design their highly customized lashing- and lifting systems, according to existing regulations. Our staff has inclusive knowledge regarding load optimization, current legislation and lifting systems, which further enables us to design the right solution for each client's unique lifting- or lashing event.

Our product development department is continuously designing new products, innovations and customized solutions, in order to improve our client's safety and to enhance daily work



In the photo, blades of a wind turbine are being lifted in the port of city of Rauma, 2015







Please take contact to us so we can plan the best solution for you.

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