Tiger lever hoist with over load protector 15 t

Extreme quality lever hoist for professional use with over load protector and a standard lifting height of 3 meters. It is easy to check the hook for possible overloads or twisting using these checkpoints on the hook. When the hook is in good condition, each point has equal distance to the other. Hooks are also equipped with swivel and sturdy latch. Patented Quad cam brake pawl system ensures steady load in case of possible damage. Transmission cogwheel is heat treated and made from one piece, which reduces the amount of wearing components. Hoist is equipped also with chain guide which eliminates, for example, chain jams, and adds to flexible and safe use of the hoist. Can also be used as a puller. Other lifting heights are available with short lead times from the stock upon request. Hoist is red powder coated.

Product nr: VTT15000Y
Description: Tiger-lever hoist 15,0 t | lifting height 3,0m | with load limiter
Product: Tiger-lever hoist
WLL (t): 15.0
Lifting height (m): 3
Chain (mm): 10.0
Chain no.: 5
Weight (kg): 128.20
A (mm): 566.0
B (mm): 360.0
C (mm): 840.0
D (mm): 195.0
E (mm): 108.0
F1 (mm): 59.0
F2 (mm): 81.0