Tiger lever hoist 0,25 t

Extreme light weight quality lever hoist for professional use with a standard lifting height of 3 meters. Equipped with patented brake system. Hook are equipped with swivels and heavy latch. Other lifting heights are available with short lead times from the stock upon request. The hoist can also be used as a puller. Hoist is red powder coated. Inlude storage bag.

Product nr: VTT250
Description: Tiger-lever hoist 0,25 t | lifting height 3,0m
Product: Tiger-lever hoist
WLL (t): 0.25
Lifting height (m): 3
Chain (mm): 4.00
Chain no.: 1
Weight (kg): 2.00
A (mm): 60.0
B (mm): 156.0
C (mm): 245.0
D (mm): 82.0
E (mm): 63.0
F1 (mm): 22.0
F2 (mm): 31.0