Mini lever hoist 0,75 t

Quality and extra small lever hoist for professional use with a standard lifting height of 3 meters. Hooks are equipped with swivels. Other lifting heights are available with short lead times from the stock upon request. The hoist can also be used as a puller. 250, 500 and 750 hoist with carry-on bags. Hoist is powder coated.

Product nr: VTS750
Description: Lever hoist 0,75 t | Lifting height 3 m
EAN: 6430061637695
Product: Lever hoist
WLL (t): 0.75
Lifting height (m): 3
Chain (mm): 5 x 15
Chain no.: 1
Weight (kg): 4.70
a (mm): 105.0
b (mm): 92.0
c (mm): 260.0
d (mm): 180.0
e (mm): 64.0
f (mm): 42.0
g (mm): 28.5
s (mm): 35.5
t (mm): 14.0