Aluminum Chain block 1,0 t

Extremely small and light weight aluminum body hoist. It weighs only approximately 50 % of the standard hand chain hoist. Standard lifting height is 3 m, other heights available upon request. Upper and lower hook is equipped with swivel. These hoists can also be used for pulling. Surface treatment paint.

Product nr: KTS1000
Description: Aluminum Chain block 1,0 t | Lifting height 3 m
Tuote: Käsiketjutalja
Työkuorma (t): 1.00
Nostokorkeus (m): 3
Ketjuluku: 1
Ketjukoko (mm): 5,6 x 15,7
Paino (kg): 6.60
A (mm): 110.0
B (mm): 102.0
C (mm): 55.0
D (mm): 42.5
E (mm): 49.5
H min (mm): 295.0
F (mm): 27.0