WG Band HD 25 mm

WG plastic strap is soft and flexible, made from PET plastic. WG plastic strap is significantly more durable and stronger than the PP plastic strap. WG plastic strap is closed and locked with steel wire locks. WG plastic strap is tightened by hand, with a trailer hitch or a plastic strap clamp. Delivery time 1-2 weeks.

Product nr: WGHD85
Description: WG-strap HD 25 mm | Breaking strength 1250 kg | PET-plastic | 400 m / roll |Inner diameter 76 mm
Product: WG-straps
Breaking strength (kg): 1250
Roll (m): 400
Strap width / inner diam. (mm): 25 / 76
Packing size roll/box: 2
Packing size roll/pallet: 60