Rollo-lashing system LC 250 daN / 3 m / storage packaging

Ratchet tie down that is very easilly operated especially due to automatical rewinding mechanism. Thanks to the mechanism, webbings do not strangle anymore. Is suitable for lashing in transporters, trailers, boat trailers, vans or any equivalent. Clamp can be bolted on the floor. Storage package 2 pcs/bag.

Product nr: ROLLO253IP2
Description: Rollo-Lashing system LC 250 daN, 3 m | Webbing 25 mm black | Double J-hooks| Breaking strength 0,5 t | Storage packaging 2 pcs / box
EAN: 7393347598303
Product: Rollo
LC (daN): 250
Length (m): 3
Breaking strength (kg): 500
Webbing width (mm): 25