Car lashing system LC 1500 daN / 0,5 + 1,5 m

Car lashing system LC 1500 daN / 1,5 m

For lashing a car on a car trailer. The hooks can be fitted directly to the trailer holes. the hook is directly attached to the ratchet. Rubber stop plate agains the wheel reeved with the stap of the lashing’s long part. Webbing material 100% polyester.

Product nr: SVAU2000K
Description: Car lashing system LC 1500 daN, 1,5 m | Webbing 50 mm blue | Short part: ratchet + triangle end | Long part: 1,5 m, triangle end x 2 | Breaking strength 4 t
Product: Car lashing
LC (daN): 1500
Breaking strength (kg): 4000
Length (m): 2
Webbing width (mm): 50