World’s strongest chain


Dyneema chain



World’s strongest chain – Green Pin® Tycan


  • Chain is made from the very durable Dyneema® -fiber, which is made up of several layers of Dyneema® -strip. The advanced synthetic chain has been tested and certified worldwide (DNV-GL) and is adaptable to all lifting and lashing applications.
    The synthetic chain has a soft structure, it is very light and safe to handle and also quiet in use.
  • Dyneema® chain is eight times stronger and 85 % lighter than a steel chain with equivalent WLL. Therefore just one operator can work with a long synthetic chain, as it is very light to handle. Chain can be used in lifting of small and large items, whether in carriages, ships or on the rail road.
  • Thanks to its light structure Dyneema® chain floats on water.
  • The flexible chain can be attached to nearly all chain components and the shortening can be done with a simple shackle.
    Dyneema®fiber is made from very durable UHMwPE Polythyleen. Dyneema® fiber is produced in the EU and it is a result of a 30-year development.


Working load limits:


Lifting chains

  • WLL 5 / 10 / 15 t
  • Slings with 1-4 legs
  • Safety factor 4:1

Lashing chain

  • Lashing capacity LC 10 t
  • Breaking strength 20 t