New cargo bar – ERGOBAR


Ergobar is a patented cargo bar with 2-spring function and low weight, which facilitates the work of securing and separating goods on load carriers. 

Unique 2-spring function
Ergobar has a 2-spring function, which means that it has a parking position as well as a shoring position. In the parking position the weaker spring enables the cargo bar to stand alone between floor and roof. In this position Ergobar provides only ca 30 kg pressure on the ceiling, which means that you can park several cargo bars next to each other without exposing the cabinet’s ceiling construction for greater stress.

To reach the shoring position you lower the handle and thereby activate the stronger spring to increase the tension force.

Other product benefits

  • The unique shape of the bottom profile gives the cargo bar strength and room for an integrated handle with ergonomic grip
  • The low weight makes Ergobar very easy to use
  • It is also easy to adjust its length to the height of the cabinet
  • Blocking capacity (BC) 150 dN
  • Ergobar is manufactured in aluminum

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